Scene of the Crime - Dresden

Inspectors Henni Sieland and Karin Gorniak are on the beat in the baroque city of Dresden on the Elbe. Henni is a policewoman with body and soul. She always speaks her mind, her emotional state swings back and forth between empathy and toughness. Her boyfriend waits for her at home - but she's not sure how long he'll wait. Her partner is as efficient as a tax declaration, but a lot better looking and with more sense of humor. Which she needs, as a single mother of a son in a difficult phase: Childood.

Their first case takes our lady detectives into the world of German Schlager pop music. During rehearsals for the show "The Music Plays Here", Toni, one of the local celebs from duo Toni & Tina, was found behind the scenes, bludgeoned to death. His wife and singing partner Tina is desperate, for his manager of many years Rollo it's like he's lost a son. It's hard to imagine a ruthless murder in this folksy pop world, which represents the last bastion of a whilesome world to many of its fans. While the investigation turns up more and more people to stand to benefit from the singer's death, young police rookie Maria discovers the decisive clue, putting herself in grave danger.

The new Dresden detective team with movie stars Alwara Höfels and Jella Haase scored a 25.4% share and was seen by 9.55 million viewers on its primetime debut.