Cargo (now available in 3D)

An intelligent science-fiction thriller that puts an electrifying, futuristic spin on present-day preoccupations like flight from reality, and destruction of the environment.

  • BEST SCI-FILM and BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS AWARD at Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2010
  • Sitges Filmfestival 2009 - Fantàstic Panorama Section
  • Nominated for SWISS FILM PRIZE "QUARTZ 2010" for best Fiction Film

Space freighter Kassandra, en route to far-distant Station 42. The only crewmember awake on board of the run-down ship is Laura, a young doctor. Her crew companions are asleep, deep-frozen. It will be another four months before Laura reaches the end of her lonely watch. During her daily inspection rounds through the quiet empty spaceship, Laura develops an increasing sense of not being alone on board. Strange noises finally force her to wake captain Lacroix. When their exploration of the dark cold cargo-space ends in fiasco the rest of the crew must be defrozen. Something or someone seems to be hiding in the cargo devices. A cat and mouse game begins, in which nothing is what it appears to be ...


Sitges Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya (2009)
  Sitges Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya Award
    nominated    Other (Fantàstic Panorama Section)

Toronto After Dark Film Festival (2010)
  Toronto After Dark Film Festival Awards
    won    Best Science Fiction Film (& Best Special Effects)

Schweizer Filmpreis (2010)
  Schweizer Filmpreis
    nominated    Best Film (for Quarz 2010)