Parents Home Alone: The Schroeders

When the kids move out, parents have to rediscover and reinvent themselves, and ask themselves if their lives, marriages and relationships even have a future any more.

When their youngest son Max celebrates his graduation, it's really no big deal for Sabine and Bernd Schroeder - they've already put two other kids through highschool and into college, after all. Still, a new era dawns with Max's graduation: Finally, they'll have lots of time for each other and their big dreams. At least that's the plan. The reality is little different: Bernd just spends all his time in his electronics company, while Sabine has no idea what to do with herself without the kids. Go to Rio, like she always wanted? Maybe someday. Soon, they're feeling let down. All their attempts to rekindle their romance fail hilariously. They argue and fight instead. Sabine and Bernd have to admit they may have grown apart?